Duct Sealing

Duct Testing and Sealing 
According to the Department of Energy, the average duct leakage in American homes is 30-40%!
Duct leakage is a two-fold problem.  First, leaky ducts allow conditioned air meant for your living space to escape into your attic or crawlspace.  Secondly, duct leakage can create pressure differentials in your home that cause it to pull hot, unfiltered air from outside or the attic.  This unwanted air makes the air conditioning system work harder and brings in dirt, dust and pollutants.
AirFx uses blower door testing to measure pressure differentials between rooms of the house, building air tightness and ductwork air tightness.  If you are a Duke energy customer, rebates on testing and duct repair may apply!

Duke Energy Rebates:  As a Duke Energy customer, you may qualify for rebates on a new heat pump, insulation upgrade, or duct sealing.  Click here or contact us for more information.

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