Your air conditioning system is a major investment in your home.  Just like your car, your air conditioning system needs proper care and maintenance to function properly.  Some of the benefits of routine maintenance are:
  • Lower utility bills.  Ensuring proper airflow, proper refrigerant charge and maintaining clean coils and blower motor helps maintain system efficiency.  Research shows that a dirty or unmaintained system works up to 20% harder to maintain temperature.
  • Healthier Air.  Clean filters and coils mean improved air quality for the entire household.
  • Increased Life of the System.  Routine maintenance can prolong the life of your investment.
  • Less emergency repairs.  Although it is impossible to avoid all HVAC repair situations, routine maintenance gives your technician an opportunity to catch and resolve potential service issues with your system.  
What exactly is performed during a maintenance?
  • Minor cleaning of indoor coils in place
  • Minor cleaning of outdoor coils in place
  • Minor cleaning of blower wheel in place
  • Flush drain line
  • Provide time-release algaecide tabs
  • Check thermostat operation
  • Check contactors, compressor, and capacitor for proper operation
  • Check refrigerant charge
  • Check electrical connections
  • Change customer provided filter

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