Your air conditioning system is a major investment in your home. Just like your car, HVAC maintenance is needed for your home comfort system in order for it to function properly.

With products from trusted brand names and the expertise of our trained and licensed technicians, you can trust that your home comfort systems will always meet or surpass your needs, year after year.

  • Comfort when it matters the most
  • Lower energy costs
  • Longer lifespan for your comfort systems
  • Cleaner air
  • Less chance for costly or emergency repairs
HVAC Maintenance

Our Quality Care HVAC Maintenance

Why join our maintenance club? Regularly scheduled maintenance takes the worry out not knowing whether one of your home’s most expensive investments is turning into an unnecessary cost, or worse yet, a crisis. What you get with club membership:

  • Once or twice a year maintenance service
  • VIP front-of-the-line service. You’ll be put to the front of our service schedule
  • 10% discount on any parts and labor if service is needed between maintenances
  • 1-year service guarantee on any part or service we make
  • No overtime charges for after-hours emergency service
  • Energy usage will decline, save by keeping your equipment clean and properly maintained

What’s Included In Annual Maintenance?

  • Clean mold and mildew from coils
  • Clean blower housing as required & remove all debris
  • Monitor refrigerant levels & check for leaks if required
  • Clean evaporator drain line & install algaecide tablets
  • Clean or replac customer provided filter
  • Install Aprilaire Filter Media, if applicable ($70)
  • Tighten & check all wire connections for safety
  • Check metering device TXV operation
  • Calibrate & replace batteries in thermostat if needed
  • Adjust fan if needed, to maximize efficiency
  • Brush & vacuum coil as required
  • Evaluate ducts for cleanliness & air leakage
  • Electronically check motor amperage & capacitors
  • Clean & remove vegetation from outdoor unit
  • Lubricate all moving parts, including motors as required
  • Check float switch operation & condensate pump as required
  • Bio-Fresh CD anti-microbial treatment aerosolized into tiny droplets that coat the entire air duct surface to kill viruses, bacteria, mildew and and other pathogens or contaminants that are harmful to people’s health

Ready for your next HVAC project?

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